Receding gums

The root of the tooth, no longer covered by the gum, is exposed.

This can cause sensitivity or pain as well as unattractive appearance as the process worsens.

Receding gums may be caused by thin gums, improper brushing, piercing or unfavorable gum and teeth anatomy.

Solutions for treating recession include :

  • Improving brushing technique
  • Reinforcing gum level (grafting)
Receding gums before
Receding gums after

Reinforcement by removing a piece of gum at palate level and placing it over the exposed root.

Post-operatory instructions :

  • For one week, do not brush the treated area
  • Do not chew on the treated area
  • Take medicine as indicated on the prescription
  • If palate starts to bleed, apply a compress for 10 minutes

Reimbursement by French national health insurance (Sécurité Sociale) :

The treatment is not covered by French Sécurité Sociale.

Certain private health insurance policies do cover treatment of receding gums.