Pinhole Surgical Technique

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Following professional training in Los Angeles in 2017, PISB is certified to perform Pinhole Surgical Technique.


This surgical technique :


  • avoids any incision with a scalpel blade
  • avoid using stitches
  • avoid sampling at the palate (significant source of post-operative pain).
  • makes it possible to be the least invasive possible, which limits the operative sequences.
Pinhole Surgical Technique Before
Pinhole Surgical Technique After

With a small hole made with a needle, the surgeon will use specific instruments to lower the gum along the tooth to cover it. He will set up a small membrane on the inside so that the gum stays in place.

With this new technique, the patient can accept the treatment more easily and resume normal activity within 24 to 48 hours.


The benefits of the techniques are:


  • the correction of all the recessions of an arcade into an intervention.
  • almost no postoperative follow-up because there is no gum collection at the palate, no incision and no suture.
  • the hole made with the needle to insert the instruments will heal in 24 h.
  • The intervention lasts less than an hour in general to deal with all recessions.
  • The aesthetic and functional results are the same as with the other techniques but without the pains and constraints of conventional practices.